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Adults like to set their own learning goals and have the teacher function as a resource and guide

Give residents a choice of goals from a list of goals……Ask the resident: “what goal would you like to work on this week?

Use David Kolb’s Four stages of adult learning (1980’s): 

Be aware of the four components of Emotional Intelligence:
(from the Tao: 6th century BC)


Web Resources:
          Online Fatigue Education:

From the Stanford School of Medicine:
           C. Braddock Medical Education Seminars

              (Wednesdays, LKSC Room 101, from noon to 1 pm)

      For November 17, 2010:  A Discussion of the MMI......reference attached


Christakis/Fowler – Connected  (Social Network Analysis
Ludmerer – Time to Heal
Rothman – Strangers at the Bedside
Starr – Social Transformation of American Medicine
Cooke, Irby, and O'Brien- Carnegie Foundation report: Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform of Medical School and Residency Training


From the Literature:

Value of GME to the Sponsoring Institution

The Flexner Report

Assessment in medical education:  What is competence??

Setting goals and giving feedback

The importance of feedback in medical education   JAMA 1983

The MMI it a better interview strategy?

Entrustable professional activities...what are these?

Advising in residency

Managing and Leading Teams   (from FOPO, Carol Berkowitz MD)

Are residents ready to practice pediatrics at the end of current training programs?

Grades in Medical School: Should we standardize these to assist resident selection?

Predicting success based on the admission criteria used for medical school

Using the EMR to create a signout document and reduce resident hours


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