Pediatric Housestaff

Attending a National Meeting

Attendance and presentations at national conferences are encouraged. However, given the limited number of residents available to cover extra shifts, residents attending these conferences should make call switches with colleagues well in advance. Consider asking fellow residents on elective or outpatient rotations. After a call switch is agreed upon between residents, please submit an electronic trade request from the link on the homepage for chief approval. If a resident is unable to find someone to cover their shifts, please discuss with the chiefs. Please do not register for the conference or make travel arrangements prior to finding coverage. The chiefs will try to assist in finding extra coverage, but accommodating all requests is not always possible.

All residents receive $2000 per year ‘educational fund’ to use for travel, hotel and registration at conferences (direct deposited in paycheck). There is an additional $500 conference fund available to each resident over the course of residency. Conference registration and travel fees purchased electronically in advance can be purchased in the residency office using Michelle Brooks’ p-card. All other fees are paid for out of pocket, and then can be reimbursed by Michelle Brooks (receipts must be provided).


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