Pediatric Housestaff

Away Electives

The program fully supports expanding your educational opportunities outside of the Stanford medical community. Please be aware that you must be in good standing with all of your requirements, inclusive of your scholarly project progress, to take advantage of this privilege.

All elective rotations outside of SHC, LPCH, Kaiser - Santa Clara, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center must be approved by GME, your class APD, the chiefs, Becky Blankenburg and one of our program coordinators in the residency office (Michelle Brooks or Carrie Johnson) at least 8 weeks prior to the start of the rotation. If you fail to obtain approval you will not be paid for any time worked on the away rotation. The appropriate form for away rotations is available on the GME website (

Please do not forget to change or cancel your continuity clinics if you are too far away to attend those clinics!

You must attach competency based goals and objectives for the away rotation, as well as a completed and signed program letter of agreement with the elective site. Please send all requests to the GME department in HC435. Residents wishing to rotate outside of the state must obtain malpractice coverage from the institution sponsoring the elective.

Forms and further instruction can be found at:


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