Pediatric Housestaff

Duty Hours

All house staff are required to accurately report their work hours weekly on MedHub and are subject to disciplinary action if they fail to do so. Residents who are late in reporting their hours and become “locked out” of MedHub must report to the residency office immediately for manual entry of their duty hours.

Residents can report non-compliance with residency work hours to the Department of Graduate Medical Education, Medical Director for Education, Ann Dohn in Graduate Medical Education or ACGME. Contact Ann Dohn, Department of Graduate Medical Education at (650-723-5948), if you have any questions about working hours or outside commitments.

ACGME Common Program Requirements, Effective July 1, 2011:

Stanford Pediatric Residency Program Policy, Effective October 21, 2016:

All duty hour violations must be reported to the program director and chief residents by email within 48 hours of the violation with an explanation of the events that led to the need to work in excess of the duty hour limitations. Alternatively, if you have concerns about discussing duty hour compliance with the pediatric residency program, residents are encouraged to report directly to Ann Dohn, Department of Graduate Medical Education, at (650)-723-5948.

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