Pediatric Housestaff

Home Call Policy

All residents and faculty members must demonstrate responsiveness to patient needs that supersedes self-interest. Physicians must recognize that under certain circumstances, the best interests of the patient may be served by transitioning that patient’s care to another qualified and rested provider.

Duty hours must be limited to 80 hours per week, averaged over a four week period, inclusive of all in-house call activities and all moonlighting. Residents must be scheduled for a minimum of one day free of duty every week (when averaged over four weeks). At-home call cannot be assigned on these free days.

At-home call must not be so frequent or taxing as to preclude rest or reasonable personal time for each resident. Residents are permitted to return to the hospital while on at-home call to care for new or established patients. Each episode of this type of care, while it must be included in the 80-hour weekly maximum and entered into MedHub, will not initiate a new “off-duty period”.

During home call periods, residents are expected to inform the staff or faculty physician sharing patient care responsibilities with them when they are too fatigued to provide safe patient care. Staff/faculty physicians are expected to relieve residents who are so identified of patient care duties. Issues or disagreements that may arise concerning the balance of patient care duties and home call responsibility should be discussed with the program director.

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