Pediatric Housestaff


Reasons to use Jeopardy:

1. Fever
2. Illness that interferes with ability to perform resident duties
3. Mental health issue that interferes with ability to perform resident duties
4. Unexpected family emergency

Reasons not to use Jeopardy:

1. Mild cough and cold (masks are available)
2. Anticipated events (make call switches beforehand)

Jeopardy Coverage:

1. Juniors and seniors cover most jeopardy calls.
2. Juniors can cover interns and juniors, and some select senior shifts. 
3. Seniors can cover all residents.
4. Residents on jeopardy for one month will have one golden weekend (Fri-Sun).
5. Residents on jeopardy for two weeks will not be assigned any golden weekends.
6. Residents on jeopardy will create a golden weekend schedule based on requests.
7. The order of the jeopardy list is made based on the number of times residents have called jeopardy in the prior 6 months (juniors before seniors).
8. After being called in for an overnight or weekend shift, that resident will go to bottom of the entire list.  (Exceptions do exist.  For example when residents on Jeopardy are assigned shifts in advance.)
9. Weekday daytime jeopardy does not affect position on the list, but an attempt will be made to distribute these shifts as evenly as possible.
10. Every attempt will be made to jeopardize residents based on their location on the list, but depending on other clinical responsibilities, jeopardizing out of order may occur.
11. Every attempt will be made to be as fair as possible.  For example, it is unlikely that a resident would be jeopardized to a second Saturday overnight call if everyone else on the list has only taken one weekday overnight call. 

Residents on Jeopardy:

There is a zero tolerance policy for residents on jeopardy who do not return pages, arrive late, or moonlight during the jeopardy month.  This is inconsiderate and is not respectful of colleagues. Penalties will be decided by the program director and chief residents on a case by case basis, but will likely include additional jeopardy coverage and/or additional scheduled calls.

After a resident has used jeopardy > 5 times in one academic year the resident will be given an assignment to make-up the lost educational time. Each case will be determined individually by the program leadership.



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