Pediatric Housestaff


Reimbursement Policy
Up-dated 8/2011

The Residency Program has several funds available for your reimbursement.  Depending on the source of funding, there are two processes for submitting proper documentation and in which manner you receive payment.  Please check with the housestaff office if there is any question on which source of funding is being used.

In order to receive your reimbursement in a timely manner, click on the appropriate funding source to review the policy/procedures and documentation check list and submit receipts accordingly:

For LPCH Fund Reimbursements click here.
Your reimbursement will be added to your paycheck via the SHC payroll system.

For Stanford University Fund Reimbursements click here
A “live” check will be issued and mailed to you from the University Controller’s Office.

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